Image of the week… Water pipes, cranes, and telegraph poles

25th June 2023

Water pipes, cranes, and telegraph poles… Bert’s taste was niche.

His beady eyes widened if he spotted a large metal structure from the van window; one hand on his tripod ready to launch with an ecstatic sprint.

I didn’t and don’t get it.
Equally hanging out with a group of teenagers filled him with dread and boredom.
Having such opposing interests only made it easier for us to enjoy our independence. Arriving home later to regroup at the cosy abode we could then bond over our many other mutual interests.
Memorable incidents where our curiosity harmonized include the following:

–  An annual dance event uniting the community to celebrate in the form of mini trampoline bouncing to intense house music. This was accompanied by a neon light show whilst primary school children gleefully clapped in time

– Researching Pieters rock/folk band on YouTube

And finally, the day we played in a sand pit.

@bert.villa had mentioned a building site on route he wanted to explore. As we piled into one wagon the mist began to thicken. I had expected to wait in the van but as we arrived it was clear this scene had been painted into another world by the fog.

We climbed the first mount of sand together and stood in awe. The entire site looked like the desert – it was beautiful.

I am always astonished by how powerfully weather can transform an environment. Snow draping like velvet over houses, or dark, windy rain bringing doom on a seafront. Pathetic fallacy.
This time fog had yet again trumped at creating an eerie and beautiful playground.
We had sprung into child mode and began to role play. Dressed in all black we looked like ninjas. Silently and separately, we explored; letting our feet sink into the sand as we ignored the bitter cold.

It was a rare moment when both Bert and I felt compelled to shoot and explore with common interest. I miss that adorable astronaut.

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