Image of the week… “Mice outbreak. That’s Victoria”

25th June 2023

“Mice outbreak. That’s Victoria”.

That was the last message I saw from Bryce until today. I was checking in on the Taz lot. It’s surreal to now realise they are turning 15. They were around 11 when we hung out, chasing the burnouts and skimming stones on the lake at sunset.

Perhaps it’s the unattainable aspect of a visit to Tasmania I find especially alluring. The endless trek to the other side of the world that destroys you.

But there really is something special about it. The way that time stopped when I spent time with the young people there. The friendships were intense and although turbulent, when good, full of absolute love. I could visually see their kinship as they navigated adolescence. I’m reminded how infectious their energy is and how, just like them, I have an insatiable desire to cure boredom. Oao x