Image of the week… Kidnapping is now top of my CV

16th June 2023

Kidnapping is now top of my CV.
“A brief London visit” @alexwatsn naively posts on her Insta. A mere 3 seconds later and I glide into her DM’s demanding a hang out. Poor girl didn’t stand a chance – Monday 2pm at Waterloo.
@english__muffin and I go back to when we were mutilating our livers in Brighton and pretending to study. Since then, each time we meet photography seems to be on the agenda and we effortlessly slip back into a familiar and beautiful friendship.

What I loved about this reunion was how we shared the roles and I enjoyed being in front of the camera as much as behind it. It was just pure fun. It’s rare for me to involve picture taking as a social activity with friends but with ones I see so rarely it almost feels essential.
A perfect way to capture the little time we have together.

These two nailed shooting and put me to shame. An epic team of unstoppable rascals.
We navigated every patch of the BFI grounds like ninjas just to piss off the militant security guards.
A fun snippet of rebellion and joy – thanks for letting me steal you both XX