Time management

12th February 2017

My slackness is becoming more than a bad habit and I need to take a class in time management. For my sins two images. It’s an arduous but essential process to painfully revisit everything I’ve shot from Romania and this neg is one I seem to return to. In the cold, damp storeroom of the old school, abandoned paraphernalia lined the floor; I delved through the forgotten clutter and stumbled across these globes. It felt like someone had placed them there before I arrived. Looking at the image now I notice details that escaped me at the time; like the sellotape holding the two halves together. I have a huge urge to embark on another adventure right now; my feet are itching. The second, another from my TIME shoot with Christine & the queens. Shooting black and white has snuck back into my process organically over the past few years and it’s becoming a preference lately. It presents an alternative reality; allocating space to see the world more simply- in lines, tones and shades. Switching between colour and black and white is a conscious yet simple decision; it’s always nice to have a choice… oao x a