Shooting the floor

2nd February 2017

I have a knack for being frivolous and occasionally feel more comfortable firing odd the last few frames to the floor when needing to finish a roll. This is because it relieves the pressure of having to rush and find something ‘’interesting’ to shoot.

However I am trying to be more open minded and less precious. I’m trying to see that any shot is better than a blank; it’s a challenging psychology to overcome.

Dad’s leg was hurting and the grey clouds were merging to black. We walked back to my wagon whilst I kept my eyes fresh for something to shoot. I needed to finish off the roll, as our plan was to play with chemicals in the kitchen and see if the dev would show some results this time round.

“I like your shoes” I said smiling at the young girl dancing in the puddles. Her trainers were flashing lights like beacons and creating her own private disco.

“Thanks” she said.

Her mother and I joked how it kept her visible and I asked if she wanted a portrait.


These few frames of an innocent little beauty were totally better than blank film and her intense gaze and killer fur attire make me smile.

Most of the places we hit in Texas we treated badly; disposing of them a little too flippantly before moving onto the next.

If there was one place I would have stayed in longer it would have been Brownsville. A destitute tumble -weed rolling town with Mexican characters roaming the streets; guitars strapped to them like riffles.

I spotted these kids on the street skating and it made me wonder what it would be like to grow up here. There was an air of purgatory. I couldn’t capture what I felt or saw and it’s on my list if I ever find myself in that part of town again.