If there’s no coincidence, there won’t be stories

23rd February 2017

After working off a cracked Iphone screen for a week I can safely say I value the luxury of a Macbook pro more than ever. A double whammy for my lack of tenacity to persist with tiny broken technology.

As many times as we dissect the tale Andrei and I seem to resort to allowing our feet to follow our noses in search of inspiration. It had been a week, and by now my mind is riddled with doubt and over analyzed concepts.

“Look!” he says as I dreamily gaze out of the window.

We stop the car. There are two boys playing with hand made bow and arrows. We exchange a gaze of total amazement. Their sense of adventure, choice of weapon and youthful appearance …it was all so relevant.

Light was fading and fast. They agreed and played excitedly as I shot. Out of film I turn back to search my bag. Swinging around I see an empty darkening scene. It’s silent.They have scampered off in search of more adventure.

The images don’t ‘work’ , not in the way I had imagined. Too literal? Bad light? Rusty composition… still the moment reminded me how fond I am of coincidences.


“Do you know who owns these puppies? “I say as three beautiful black cute pupps gaze up at me as if I have just given birth to them. They keep their eyes fixed on me as they slalom drunkly between my legs, tripping me up. This game continues for almost 40 minutes until I realize I have consented an adoption.

The tanned boy in baggy clothes cooly looks back and walks towards me. He bends down and pets them.

“No idea, but I think they’re yours now”

We stroll towards his house, speaking of the past and why he lives in a sleepy, secluded, small town miles from entertainment.

The past seems riddled with regret. He speaks of being saved, blessed by good people who accept him.

I meet his cats and dogs and we watch as all of the beasts fight for a munch at the treats. After shooting a few frames I step backwards onto a snoring pile of puppies safely guarding my camera gear.

Their love reaches no limits as they attempt to follow me as I cross the highway, escaping near death, they wait patiently for my return. We have no choice but to distract them with frankfurters before dashing into the car and speeding off. I watch them sadly in the mirror as we head to our next ghost town…oao x