24th August 2017

One from my All fo Nuthin archive as I ponder over some recent shots I’m not yet ready to share. This soft hotel mattress has swallowed me up and I am full of Rooibos tea and ready to sleep so Ill write whilst I am still half lucid.

Trawling around Texas brought so many memorable random encounters. I was a constant nosey wanderer and often peeked into cafes, shops or buildings exploring with wide eyes in my full tourist uniform of shorts, backpack and camera. Nearly everyone I encountered demanded a conversation and greeted me with warmth and curiosity. All except the owners of this cafe. After attempting a conversation with the women stood firmly behind the food counter I was met with coldness and impatience. I took my hint but couldn’t resist a last scope around the memorabilia lined walls and random nik nak furniture.

A bell rang as an elderly gentleman entered through the beaten wooden panel door. He looked at me dismissively. Before I left I attempted one last conversation. The gent was a little friendlier. He recited a tale about the alligator hunters of the area and showed me a few pictures. Just as I felt the atmosphere relaxing I realized the time, I was, as ever, late. I made my excuses but asked for a quick snap, he coyly declined so I took this instead to remind myself of this surreal cafe.