Before the storm

31st August 2017

The sun was harsh, I walked passed two strip bars and crossed the road. The hood of an old truck was up. A dazzling red bomber jacket and a cowboy hat clung to a skinny frame peering in.

I stopped and asked the time.

His scarecrow limbs swung around and a toothy grin asked my name. We chatted for a while. He asked me in for a beer. I politely declined. He insisted and I said maybe later. It was then that he gave me the tip off of the best bar in town. “Where?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

“That one right over there!” he said pointing to a boarded up strip bar.

“That’s the best one. Karaoke at 9 tonight. See you there later?”

Unfortunately, we were too early for the Karaoke but we sat for a good hour people watching the locals as they necked back shots with ease. It was a weekday early evening but these folks needed no excuse to celebrate. They were giggling and enjoying the sanctuary of this very local bar.

We wandered out into the darkening sky and made our way back to the motel sorry to have missed him.

Wishing love and support to all those in Texas xx