Trial and error

17th August 2017

I need little persuasion to hit the seaside when the sun is shining and I have a few hours to kill. With a camera as light as a match box I was eager to see what images may emerge so I went to Margate to find out.

After a mere five minutes of strolling towards Dreamland a couple seated on the pavement caught my eye. I asked for their time and they were patient and eager with a dash of shyness.

It was tricky to see through the tiny dust ridden viewfinder so when I got the film back I was surprised to discover the horizon was straight . The crop was just enough to leave some mystery to a hint of their relationship.

The next one is from later in the day when we stumbled across a chatty and down to earth 11 year old. Zana was bright and instantly friendly. She answered my questions with no hesitation and a beautiful confidence that was determined and innocent.

For those of you who religiously follow this blog (Hi mum) you’ll notice I missed a post last week. I’ll blame business and technology as ever and vow to post an epic story hopefully one day soon. Night y’all oao xxx