Show but wont tell

29th April 2016

This week’s laaaaattttte post brings two very different images. One a tale can be told; the other will have to wait until it is released.

As Rosie and I fish through my archive in an attempt to make sense of it I have found myself revisiting old shots. This one is from the school in Costui in Romania. (I weirdly remembered this detail). In previous posts I have talked about how the school was a trove of neglected treasures and that time had stood still in this cold and mystical building. Mounds of old maps and jars full of specimen simply lined the rooms.

With lots of organisation and huge help from the locals, a few students were eager and excited to be involved. We arranged a day filled with games and ideas and they immersed themselves into the action without question.

lkp ro 019

I loved the gymnasium. Although sparse of light (which was harsh on the expired film); it held such atmosphere and potential. A fragile ping-pong table and a few apparatus were camouflaged into the beige and retro looking sports hall. Unsurprisingly the kids felt at home and we played around with a few ideas. I often find these environments most challenging. Despite brimming with history it didn’t offer an easy frame. The flat light was a challenge but I refused to let it go without shooting a few frames…as I feared, and still wonder, how long it will exist…oao x