I don’t want to know

22nd April 2016

What happened 3 seconds before and after?

I often ask myself this when looking at a picture. It’s why I cherish stills. They have to ability to encourage confusion, suspicion and interpretation. The moments before and after the execution are sacred. Only a few know the ‘truth’. I don’t want to know; I want to wonder. This mystery creates a fantasy, endless possibilities; no fixed or defined answer. I sometimes take pictures drawn out of curiosity stumbling across a scene, or colliding with people mid action or conversation. It leads me to consider who they are, what they are doing and what brought them there.

This image is from a stroll in Bnei Brak, a place on my list to return to. Hin and I once talked about how some moments have already passed and a place is ‘dead’. It’s a strange feeling but sometimes you just a get a sense that what you’re looking for has already happened. I often go back to this conversation when I like the look of somewhere or something but an element is missing (usually a person). I have to weigh up whether to move on and let go, or stay in hope.

For the lateness….Image number 2 is from the outtakes of the shoot I did with Nancy for The Sunday Times months ago now. I was forced to revisit this folder recently and noticed this image. I had forgotten all about the proceedings of the day and how many animals became involved. Looking back it seems both had a similar gaze…