Street scenes and talk shows

5th May 2016

A short one before I hit my nest.

I had the privilege of being a guest on a photo radio talk show this week with Michael Meinhardt. He got in touch explaining he would like to record an interview on Skype that would last about an hour. His manner was warm and curious and I enjoyed the banter. At one point he mentioned that some of the pictures I take are everyday street scenes that anyone could take and asked me what makes some of my images stand away from these as more intense or personal ones. I replied saying that for me the images that I share I do so because they tell a story and act as a visual reminder of my experiences. Sometimes they are interactions and connections, often pre conceived visions I have attempted to emulate; but now and again, a simple snapshot of my world through my eyes.

Today as I walked back from the lab I took out my headphones and heard the sound of my feet hit the pavement. I concentrated on the rhythm and honed in on the surrounding noise. Snippets of conversations, traffic and music; all painting a movie I was walking through. Occasionally my images are just a reflection of a moment of hyper awareness of my surroundings. I like to imagine the before and after moments, the imaginative narrative that could potentially exist. I am inspired, stepping back to capture them before they vanish into the abyss of time. OAO X