6th April 2017


lkp ro 008

I just dashed to the car to get my charger and was hit by a wall of snow filled wind. The wet flakes took me by surprise as I returned to the lobby soaked and miffed. I was wearing a t shirt yesterday and coating myself in factor 30…

Today we returned to the ‘spot’ in the haunted village we felt offered a seductive backdrop for a portrait but yet again it was ghostly empty. After losing our way and our patience we hit the road to Vatra Doreni and searched for the wooden path to the forest.

I’m tired so more stories next time but for now here’s a relic from a trip to Romania at least 3 years ago when we spent the day school assisted by a group of patient creative and adorable kids. I’ll never forget the atmosphere of that building and it’s cold concrete walls. It was a visual wonder.

Good night from the mountains OAO x