The hour that broke the clock

30th March 2017

Clocks losing or gaining an hour throws me. The days now feel 5 hours shorter and I’m chasing my tail.

Tonight my work will feature alongside some of my heroes, mentors and great friends at The Saatchi gallery. It’s been an exciting and intense journey. From snow in New York to hurricanes in Hackney.

We were all given the brief of ‘selfie to self expression’. I decided to focus on the way that young people have grown up with a dual identity; their online and physical/literal self.

Adolescence is a crucial time when our identities are being challenged. Working with a two way mirror I asked my subjects all aged between 7 and 17 to really see themselves; spend time with their reflection and confront and accept their appearance. Shooting both for the brief and then for myself I was conscious that they couldn’t see me. I asked the young people to concentrate on areas of their reflection intensely and meditatively let their attention flow around their features. It was fascinating to attempt to connect with my subjects as they connected with themselves. I tried to step inside their heads and watch their reaction and gaze.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the interpretations of such a current and in depth subject matter and raise a glass to all of our fun but hard work.

OAO xx