Invisible alien

21st July 2016

I keep returning to this image. It seems the roll that I shot near the arrest held many moments within a small window.

I’m used to feeling alien, the glistening stare from local faces that follow me as I stroll with a sense of acceptance. It seems where ever I travel I never blend in. The western attire, the swinging Hasselblad and giant back pack; I suppose Im hardly subtle. My default is to keep my head raised and smile.

These kids kept floating around me as I strolled. I spotted them staring at me and then bashfully darting behind walls and giggling. I don’t actually even remember taking this shot. What’s bizarre is that I do remember feeling self aware but when I look back I seem invisible. How did that boy pass me so closely? The girls are staring at him with such intensity.

Like many shots I recall the before and after. The dogs had been playing with a few other canine friends… I recall climbing the hill afterwards and finding a tiny shop to grab some water…but the moment itself. I just can’t locate in my memory.

I’m off to bed, as I once again write this with tired eyes…hmmm next time Ill start early! OAO x