Double scoop

4th August 2016

I have reached a new level of slackness but the situation is a rare one. This is a double scoop from a tiny town in beautiful Tuscany where I am currently getting little sleep teaching a workshop. We are eating and drinking a little too well and the heat here is relentless, but the sunsets and stars are stunners. So for my post I’ll throw you one from the distant past and an image from today.

The first is from a trip to Fran at francesca maffeo gallery where I’ll be showing some work in progress in October this year. With a print tube the size of my leg I hopped on the train at Fenchurch St. (I swear that station is the shyest of all stations in London – I always get lost). A mere 40 minutes later I arrived at Leigh on Sea and as soon as I exited the station the clouds opened. A ferocious constant downpour adamantly soaked me for the entire 20-minute walk and I arrived drenched to the bone. Dousing myself in tea towels I had a cuppa and enjoyed a peek at the beautiful work and new furniture.

Strolling back to the station I took a detour to the seafront now that the rain had accomplished its’ task of drowning me. I stumbled across a cheery looking man and his dog that had saluted the return of the sun with a 99 and I asked to take his portrait. What attracted me to him was the way he was so absorbed in our act that his ice cream fully melted. We were both awkwardly aware as the sticky vanilla trickled over his hands as he attempted to keep the pooch still. I do love the way that most dogs are pretty uninterested in having a portrait despite how eager their owners are.

The next is from today. We visited a beautiful natural therme (not a bad setting for some tutorials). As I coated myself in the mud and soaked in the boiling water I befriended Alex , a friendly girl from Seattle with stunning blue eyes. It was as if she had decided to wear them to match the water.

We took a few Polaroids and as ever the range finder decided to play havoc with my composition. Alex was patient and relaxed, it felt like a genuine exchange. I do love the way that one little box can introduce you to a stranger.

So after my wild boar and red wine fix I must now rest my eyes for the final day tomorrow! OAO xx