How many men does it take to change the internet?

14th July 2016

The water stubbornly refuses to warm as my hand begins to go numb as I hold it under the shower. It’s early and the room is dark but the lights wont come on. A power cut I presume. Taking a deep breath I brave a rabbit wash hastily and dive into layers the other side to warm up. Heading down I see that most of the rooms now lay empty. I test a few light switches on the way feeling like a mule with all my baggage. I have relished the Wi-Fi late in the evenings to treat myself to some British radio and a Skype call to my sister so I try to download a few podcasts for the long road ahead. My phone blinks at me in denial with no recognition of any signal bar or Wi-Fi. When you know Wi-Fi is available but refusing to work it removes the blessing of being stripped of it entirely. The failure of these comforts really can be really aggravating when you realise just how much you desire them.

The wagon is full to the brim with muddy hiking boots and ample luggage as we say our goodbyes to head on to the next part of our adventure. As we drive off I notice 3 men rubbing their chins and gazing up at a telegraph pole. They are transfixed. One of them, our main host, pauses briefly to bid us farewell then turns back to his conundrum. It was fun watching them work together like game show contestants unravelling a puzzle.

Sleep well y all OAO x