In transit

20th April 2017

Despite having lots of practice to master to art of traveling I still seem to be epically failing…

I have the complete inability to travel light and every time I prepare a ‘to go’ bag to grab for my next trip it seems to get raided for emergency shampoo mid week or loaded with ‘just in case items’ (exhibit A I just found a spare Nokia 3310 with charger and sim card packed for a 2 night stay in France)

Anyway, somehow myself and my luggage managed to make it here despite arriving at Gatwick an hour and half before take off and realizing Heathrow Terminal 3 was actually on my boarding pass.

So whilst Arles is beautiful I forgot how this old city is the last place on earth to get wifi. My sister has managed to skype me from the depths of South Asia jet picking up a decent wifi signal here is unheard of.

Enough moaning.

I’ve been with Actes Suds today finalizing my book. I have to say that I’m slightly gutted as they seem great and I wish I could be happier with the work and feel it is ready as a book. However I see this book as a kind of comma to review the YWA project and look back over my blog. The book celebrates the award and the experience in itself if fascinating as Im learning the process and how it actually takes me far longer to edit than i anticipated. This book has come in a rush so an escape to Romania to focus my mind away and back to the roots of the work felt essential.

With the teeny window of decent wifi I managed to download the latest scans. Here s one from a few weeks back. With tired eyes Ill leave the stories until next week…bonne nuit oao xx