Cutting glass, living rocks

29th April 2017

Two images for my late post.

Both of these are from the Romanian rolls I recently found myself heartbroken to go through. The last trip felt good. A pure release and a chance to play and push myself; but alas with disappointing results. Perhaps the lack of portraits frustrated me but in general a wave of frustration swept over me as I impatiently scrolled through the scans. The next phase is to analyze why and where I failed.

In the mean time I shall remember some sweet memories that already seem so far away. This glass shop reminded me of being stuck inside an old aquarium. I remember my first fish tank had the vivid forest green foam on the bottom to keep it safe and this little shop was lined with the stuff.

I found myself hypnotized as the salesman effortlessly glided the blade through the sheets of glass as if they were silk. They moved quickly and spoke very little. The main gent I was targeting unfortunately declined a portrait and seemed rushed off his feet and eager to hide. Disheartened but in the mood to shoot I caught a few frames as they cut our shapes.

Two sets of living rocks were on the agenda; my preferred option lay in a tiny village off road. As we meandered the windy gravel path we passed what appeared to be a father and son chopping down trees and building a fence. We parked up and wandered back down for a chat. They weren’t in fact related but both had interesting faces and the older man introduced himself as Romeo.

We decided to wander the streets for a bit and an hour later we passed our friend Romeo again. He eagerly insisted to accompany us to the rocks but seemed a little more ‘merry’ by now. The confusing hike up made me feel incredibly grateful to have stumbled across a local willing guide. With time not on our side we stopped half way and sucked in the view. As I nestled amongst the UFO shaped stones I shot a few frames of our hero…OAO x