TIME has arrived

21st November 2013

After receiving a lovely phone call  from the picture editor of TIME I soon found myself sitting on a plane to LA, anxious and excited to shoot a feature for them on the vulnerability of adolescent boys

We worked together to look at how we could shoot the subjects and highlight their personal vulnerability that displayed universal themes.

After a whirlwind trip I returned to receive the news that TIME needed one more image to make cover to be shot in the UK. I had the luxury of scouting and choosing both subjects and location and knew instantly where I wanted to shoot and at what time.  After finding some willing young lads I met the subjects at 5 am in Brighton and enjoyed a blessing of thick fog and sunshine. The boys returned to school the next day telling tales of the shoot , much to the disbelief of other pupils.

TIME also kindly featured my work on their TIME Lightbox here: https://lightbox.time.com/2013/11/21/the-world-of-boys-intimate-emotionally-charged-portraits-by-laura-pannack/?iid=lb-gal-viewagn#1

If you’d like to see the feature in the flesh it goes to press tomorrow and will be international. You’ll find it in any damn good newsagent/outlet in the UK or if US bound it’s easily available.

A huge thanks to EVERYONE for their support….dream assignment