C’est la vie!

15th November 2013

I’ll have to make it brief as after a mission involving far too much luggage for a fleeting trip to Paris photo I didn’t make it in time to stick with my Thursday rule post..tsky tsky
So anywhoo a bit of a reflection on the hardest things about the best job in the world.

1 You will never like or be satisfied with your images

2 You then have to present these to the world

Some would argue why? Why show them… for me the answer is to grow and learn as even if I know the imagery I produce is not good enough it can sometimes be tricky to know what I could do better. These horrid exposures of vulnerability (as depressing and embarrassing as they may be remind me that I am learning and I am lucky to be doing a craft where criticism is constantly available.

So this weeks post is an image that didn’t work for me (in fact the feature needed improvement). After a bout of feeling low that it was seen and I disliked it I tried to be more productive with my thinking and directed what I would change, how I would shoot given a second chance…

So I guess one of the hardest things about having the best job in the world (for me) is actually a blessing. The journey never ends. We never stop learning, making mistakes or growing as an artist.

So my mantra will be to try the hardest I can on the day, listen to the criticism and change what I disliked…i.e…. keep learning… OAO x