The marketplace…(re edited)

29th November 2013

This was a lovely lengthy post with a story to tell but unfortunately when I reloaded my page it got wiped so Ill have to keep it sweet
This weeks image (was on time) is from my Romanian adventure. On the last day I decided to hit a market place for some last minute potential gifts.  I soon found myself in a beautiful indoor market flooded with color and bleeding with light. Instead of a bustling craze it was a calm mix of patient stall owners waiting for their customers to approach instead of the typical pushy traders.

This shot irritates me. What grinds me most is that I realized my mistake when shooting and moved my position to re compose so that my subjects feet were in view. However , being the final shot on my roll ironically the next frame ends just above his feet.

 Despite the frustration and self loathing that comes with making images I am beginning to use these thoughts to learn and re work my process ,  picking apart what I dislike, scrutinizing what I am doing wrong….after all, I have realized that the reason I take images is to learn. oao xx