No excuses

1st June 2019

I think I have now achieved the record of 3 weeks of no posts and I genuinely have no excuses.
I’m now typing from sunny Marseille where I yet again managed a birthday escape. I’m feeling grateful and itchy ( the mosquitos looovvve me)
I really wanted to post on the 28th to celebrate the Cracker launch. With the weather on our side we headed to Tibby park for the closing party. The highlight for me was somehow persuading Becky to climb gracefully inside an inflatable ball and run around a pitch.
The turnout was great and the magazine was a brilliant gift to gather the imagery and text we have worked so hard on this past year.

What I learnt most from this project was how easy it is to become fixated on an idea and to remember that work and ideas often come from those I meet. The initial concept was so different and it only evolved from discovering the places and people that inspired me .
With any work my fear is that my subjects feel misrepresented or exploited. I respect all of the young people I worked with and genuinely feel they enjoyed the project.
This work aims to celebrate Tipton and the young people and I hope it is work everyone can identify with. We were all young once…something I need to remind myself of as I turn yet another year this week….OAO x