Been a while Dad

23rd May 2019

My Dad randomly moved to Sweden. I say random as there seemed to be no reason to choose Sweden…or to move. However it seems like a great choice as his abode is looking lush and I’m excited to visit and explore. In the past few years Dad and I mainly communicate through Facebook, I find it a strange but wonderful platform. Just enough distance to not feel obliged and enough space to be emotional from a distance.

A few weeks back we both found ourselves on London soil and I was determined to pin him down. For completely illogical reasons we opted for a stroll West. We both needed to be in East London that day but Holland Park is a stable hallmark of my Dad’s childhood and I do love it. We wandered around the Japanese garden and the serenity of the park despite the weekend hustle was a beautiful setting to catch up. As always I was completely enamored by tame squirrels and as we crossed the foamy water under the bridge I shot a few frames.

This ongoing exchange is a wonderful bonding exercise that draws us together effortlessly and I feel grateful for that. OAO x