Cracker up

20th June 2019

It’s taken a while but the edit of the Cracker is now (semi) complete. I’ve added a sneak of the project to site and next week there will be a little …surprise..
This image is of Jack. As we arrived at Jubilee Park I was surprised to see Conkie and Kelsey together and soon realized how small Tipton is. Individuals I met often merged into other groups. It was a blessing to often collide unexpectedly. Jack arrived (Kelsey’s brother) with a blood shot eye. He had been hit by a van last week whilst crossing the road. Jack’s angelic and full of life. He’s playful and kind and him and Kelsey share qualities but he is more confident and a little cheekier. I really love his boundless energy. I remember when we escaped to Sheepwash he ran up and down a mound collecting wood.
There were a few frames from this moment but I chose the lollipop and cigarette combo. Stay tuned for goodies next week…OAO x