Old widows & babies

20th March 2014

So rather than share recent Romanian adventures I thought I’d keep my head down and use the images to think. Instead here are a few from a trip that seems (and was) ions ago to the widow and Dallas baby villages. My Polaroid stash is completely dry, which is always a heartbreaking and frustrating reminder of how bloody precious it is. I’d like to return to these small villages , I have learnt a lot and more importantly I have so much to learn.

This week has been a mixture of shoots and visiting universities. One shoot has reminded me hugely that being a photographer is not just about taking pictures. A tragic story can often be a challenge to tell, connecting with those affected needs time and trust. Once published I will share the feature… as often the case in my opinion,the images don’t do the experience justice but meeting and connecting with people is just as rewarding and important. The biggest burden of the boundaries of time, language and my own impatience mean I often flea places after capturing an image, hence a massive desire to invest time in any return trips.