Back to reality

14th March 2014

Preparing myself for the ‘beige’ feeling of returning to a routine is never an easy task. However the sun is shinning and I need to simply reflect and plan my next adventure in order to relish the times when I am shooting. Projects in the UK seem to be moving all too slowly and research seems to be protecting me from actually progressing and pushing myself. I have noticed how much more productive I am when I travel as I fear I will miss the moment – it’s common sense to shoot as much as I can when I have a deadline. I need discipline .

With my baby at the doctors I have been spending far too much time scanning and playing catch up.

This week’s image is another one from my wide TIME edit as well as continuing to play with my frozen objects. This wishbone is from a chicken we slaughtered in the second week.  I want to include imagery and objects that relate to life and death. This image reminds me of all three of us unsuccessfully chasing Roxanna the chicken around the garden. We were armed with tea towels and ready to pounce…alas we took pity and passed the buck to a village expert to slaughter another innocent. I am still playing and processing my tale but learning…