28th March 2014

I am seriously lagging in keeping up with the days at the moment and despite shooting some memorable editorials I am held from sharing until it’s published so I shall reveal another Romanian scan from YWA,LWD. This one is from one of my favorite days from the trip. Each day was eventful in good and bad ways..but this particular one was inspirational.
It’s not often you meet a 92 year old women with perfect eyesight and hearing and whose mind is sharper than a diamond’s edge. After a tip off from an adoring grandson we headed to meet a warm faced lady who insisted we return to her house with her; we gratefully agreed. Craning our necks we took a peek at where we were headed. A steep climb up a mountain/hill led to her tiny old house and she raced ahead of us, treading a worn path that meandered up the slope. With incredible stamina she led the way and Andrei and I continuously shook our heads in disbelief at the strength of what appeared to be a fragile old dame. She informed us this trip was one she took two or sometimes three times a day and I then vowed never to moan of any aches and pains again.

We arrived at her beautiful aged abode and she proudly showed us around as we soaked in the epic views. Strolling into a traditional nook she headed for the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of home made Tuica.

“One shot a day, no more”

Were the words of advice she gave us…. seems like the secret to good health lies in treating others with kindness, working hard, living up high …and drinking strong liquor…

As ever two images for my tard punctuality