Lesson learnt?

8th November 2013

Oh dear… Yup hands held up… missed the Thursday post deadline… more images for my sins. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching all week at a range of different universities – LCC, UEL, Ravensbourne and Newport. However I let Thursday pass me by far too quickly so here be a few tales:

Image une/duex:

This is from a Sunday Times commission. The piece is on the relationship between father and son Sir Michael Jackson and his son Mark. For me this feature is all about atmosphere and really getting to see the private small moments between the two people when they are both relaxed in their own space. It’s a real insight into other people’s family relationships and the way in which they display their intimacy .

Mark & Michael were one of the nicest pair I’ve had the pleasure of photographing as they were enthusiastic, warm and instantly welcoming. They made me feel at ease and continuously aided me in propping up reflectors and moving heavy furniture. What struck me most was how their closeness was more of a mirrored identity of interests and gentle care and consideration for one another without being fluffy or affectionate. I often encourage relatives for these features to interact but with Mark & Michael the suggestion of a hug just seemed inappropriate.It was a true joy to meet them and seeing such a beautiful relationship.

Nombre trois:


Another polaroid from my Romanian widow village. Again this image sits alongside a portrait and features the remains of her husbands belongings…..

lkpp po

oao x