LA te

2nd November 2013

Hmmmm ok…yup really late post …sorry… I ve been lucky to have been soaking up the LA sunshine and now that i am back to reality my time keeping is back to its pathetic ways…

Enough self punishment… on with the stories

So uno image is from an insanely beautiful wedding in LA.. flawless bride and groom ,idyllic settings and beautiful warm people …all the more blissful in LA weather.

As my gift to the pair I asked to do a shoot with them post the big day. The groom managed to get us exclusive access to the helipad of the four seasons . Like rock stars, we sipped Dom Perignon and watched the sun head in over an epic LA scene. I was lucky that the couple were not only relaxed and game for the shoot but also full of character and energy …

Image duex is a vast contrast. This is from the widow village in Romania. I’m still scanning as and when I can and filing the pictures into a memory bank .

Madagascar 2013 008

The heat was intense and as we sluggishly entered the little houses we were greeted by incredibly personal and vibrant decor. Each small abode felt unique and lived in. The kitchens stuffed with ripe fruit and fresh crops; often a half finished task of preparing corn set to one side. I adore the way every object appeared to have a history.


Each widow ‘s portrait is accompanied by a polaroid of her husbands objects that still remain….OAO xx