The give away!

27th June 2019

Roll up …roll up!!
To celebrate the Cracker launch the Multistory team and I decided that a fun day on the Tibby for the community would be a wonderful way to bring the work back to where it was made. Alongside this we released a limited edition magazine designed by @byKerryLeslie. Combining imagery and text from both the young people and myself.
Mid project I ran a photography workshop in partnership with Conegrye arts centre. I was fortunate enough to be joined by poet Emma Purshouse. She had a magical way of drawing out ideas from the participants and we explored how language can really indicate a sense of belonging and identity.
Ill be sharing a few diary entries but for this week I want to offer 5 lucky winners a limited edition magazine. I only have 25 copies in total so if you want to get your mitts on one either drop me an email or an instagram DM with the words…CRACKER ZINE
The BLAST festival closes this weekend so if you can head on down as there’s plenty to see