Once upon a time..

8th March 2014

Apologies in the masses for the delayed post and for my sins a few images and a tale.

I have now returned from Roam Mania where my baby decided to break and I had no choice but to jet back. The images that I shot seem like a starting point for the story I hope to tell. The project will be called “Youth without age, life without death”. Inspired by an old Romanian folk tale a few moths back I decided to narrate this story with my own personal journey

In short, the tale follows a prince who is promised youth without age and life without death by his father when he is a baby. At the age of 18 his father confesses it was a lie to stop him from crying. Dissatisfied the prince sets out on a quest to find youth without age and life without death. After finding a trusty steed (a damaged horse who slowly regains health) he sets off on his journey. He meets key characters along the way that are overcome by his bravery and kindly take him in. Eventually he reaches a village of youth without age and life without death and marries a princess. Alas one day whilst hunting he accidentally wanders into the forest of lament. Temptation overrides and he decides to return to see his family. However due to the village spell 200 years has passed and he returns to find a demolished castle and his family long dead. He then turns to dust.

Like this tale I will have trusty steeds ( Gabriel and Andrei) and will embark on a journey to discover the frozen land/moment and capture time forever. I will meet ‘witches’ and strangers along the way who I hope will welcome me in and I will keep anything they freely give me, experimenting with ice. Hopefully i will not eventually turn to dust.

I will capture moments that relate to youth, age, journeys, time, birth, death and various other themes within the tale that I have picked out with a fine tooth comb. This project feels liberating as it is much less directed and I have an open mind but clear vision of what I am searching for. It feels fun, free and relies on fate.

Here s a couple of images from my trip that are starting the thought process but I am yet to edit and select. I have written a diary and kept objects and Polaroid’s in my scrapbook to help me dissect my experiences. Most importantly it is fun …OAO x