The faces we need to capture

16th May 2013

Now and again there are faces we see, people we meet that seem irresistible to photograph. I often imagine I am choosing a subject to draw or paint them. It could be a stranger in the street with piercing blue eyes, a wrinkled gentleman reading on a train or a family member that has a beautifully unique face. Hennie is the latter. My cousin Hennie yearns to be drawn. Her grace and striking features have always appealed to me. However I unfortunately didn’t capture her to my satisfaction so Ill soon be begging for a reshoot. I think what I like most about Hennie is I have never seen anyone who looks like her.  She was relaxed and warm as a subject and I only hope she will allow me another opportunity.

I am currently returning on an epic 3 and a half hour train journey from Liverpool. I was delighted to give a talk with the legend John Davies for the opening of the LOOK12 festival. There’s a fantastic line up this weekend so if you are looking to escape this weekend I would highly recommend it:

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