23rd May 2013

How to make the most of life has been weighing on my mind recently. Easily bored and impatient I am yearning to escape or discover a new adventure.

I’ve been thinking what I would do if I had a year to live…asking others and overloading on motivational TED talks. It was when I stumbled across this scan yesterday that I decided it was a fitting post. It goes without saying that life dreams are individual and our desire to achieve happiness is a personal quest. However there are small moments that we experience that remind us of how lucky we are, how time does not own us and that pleasure can come from simplicity.

This man smiled serenely when he paused to peek from his relaxation to find me with my camera poised. He reminded me that the sun hitting your face with your favourite song in your ears could feel like heaven; especially when you are reclined in your own small sanctuary.