9th May 2013

Jim and I naively planned the Walks workshop in March expecting a fresh spring stroll around Brighton, we were however; greeted with snow, hail and wind. After minor hesitation we postponed and fortunately opted for what was to be a balmy weekend in April.

The workshop is one I have ran before in Brighton and I’m overwhelmed to report it was a great success. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and reported that they had been challenged , gained confidence and developed their practice from the days tasks and discussions.

Jim as always was effortlessly organised and the diversity in participants allowed plenty of discussion and interest.Everyone had a different reason for attending and the combination of group support and time alone meant that by the time we hit the pub it was hard to leave…

In the afternoon we roamed alone and I decided to head more towards Portslade. I re traced an old path I frequently took when in Brighton after graduation. I used to ride my bike down past the beach huts and walk back photographing the residents and passers by.

This time the local skate park wooed me in and I met Max (pictured). The group were making the most of the rays and I felt nostalgic of my skating days.

I relished the time spent hanging out at various skate parks wearing Dickies jeans with strappy tops pretending to know how to grind. I was a tragically under confident aggressive skater . Despite loving it I simply shat myself when faced with the epic drop to the bottom of a quarter pipe. Instead I glided around casually avoiding ramps, carrying skate wax in my bag , enjoying the general atmosphere.

… perhaps Ill dust off those white Majestics..