Image of the week..spotted

27th September 2013

widows 024

Oh dear… late is becoming my middle name…

I think I need to buy a new watch.. anyway.. These two images are featured, as they are both moments and locations I happened to find myself in..

The first was a tiny island on the river Thames during a wedding. The idyllic after party lunch was a relaxing and luxurious affair and the venue had a beautifully historic feel to it. This waiter kindly stopped walking and let me grab a frame whilst inside the tiny chapel like building. I ve never really thought about marriage, but I can safely say this was one incredible event!

The next is from a family who kindly put us up in Romania. I spotted this man (the father) in full bee keeping gear heading to the hives. It was unusual site and as the sun went down I begged for a brief portrait before having a grand tour.

These images remind how I d like to roam more, travel more, see more..OAO x