20th September 2013

baby village 013

Darn I’m back to the old days of missing my Thursday post…right Pannack..sort it out!

This has been a delightfully busy week. I was honored to selected to shoot Malala Yousafzai at her home. The shoot was high pressure as now photographer has ever, or will ever be allowed to enter her home and take her photograph so I really felt the need to perform. With marvelous assistance to hand from Scott Archie we worked hard to do our best and it really was a great honor. (We were treated to some darn great tea too)

This weeks imageS (for the delay) are from two shoots. One from my Romanian adventure and one from a shoot for Stella on being a disabled mum.

‘Early Riser’

This is an image from one of my early morning strolls in Romania. Near the edge of the village I made my way back after watching the sunrise and passed a lonely looking bus stop. It’s a unique feeling taking someone’s portrait from a distance when they are aware. I spent some time waiting for the right moment and this lady and I held our gaze for what seemed like eons until I took the frame. It was odd as the silence was extreme and I used the awkward moment to test whether she would allow me to take her portrait (due to the language barrier). As I passed by her closely after taking the picture I stopped to show my thanks and she smiled at me. It was a bizarre and silent exchange but a nice one.

The second image from The Sunday Telegraph magazine Stella was a feature exploring the lives of disabled mums. Not only highlighting the impressive ways that parents adapt but also the unique interaction between child and parent. In some ways the general role of a carer is switched and the child teaches or supports the parent. I found this actually seemed to increase the parent child -bond and I was incredibly inspired by each family. The children were considerate, polite and patient and it was clear they admired their mothers.