States of Time

4th October 2013

Turning corner blog

Soooooo because Im in LA this post is actually punctual

Ill keep it short as I ve been awake for over 20 hours and my brain is struggling to spell and think. This image results from taking my good friend Ben Roberts’s advice . He urged me to roam Teddington and Ham a little more. I grew up in Surrey (15 min from Ham).

At the were age of 11/12 I recall floating the Thames for a two week holiday with my childhood friend and her dad (Beef). Armed with head & shoulders shampoo, a few books and our innocence we swam, bathed and sailed the Thames. The boat was mainly moored in Teddington where they lived, so revisiting the lock was nostalgic.

The land would need time to explore but it certainly has potential. It was a calm and peaceful walk and one I hope to revisit.