Lost in TIME

13th September 2013

dm 002

I have officially lost all sense of time..I’m fortunate enough to have been jetting off to LA and back and any sense of time frame has escaped me so I am officially excused for another 3 days whilst I hibernate. However more than one image to be posted as a rule for my sins.

Strangely I seem to remain itching to travel and as soon as hit London soil, eager to run away again. This urge lies not in my boredom of the UK (as there’s so much of it I’m eager to explore) but most likely my sense of frustration with a project I’ve been trying to complete for ions that doesn’t seem to be moving forward. I often ask myself why I am not taking more pictures, making more phone calls, exploring new territory and meeting new people and I have no excuse. Is this lack of progression a lack of interest and a passion for my project or I am procrastinating and afraid it will fail.
Either way the only advice I can give myself is to do a little and not over think…. thinking too much just causes problems

This weeks images are from:
Image above:
A random stroll in Bognor Regis. This gent was a friendly face as I left to find the station and spookily looks like a close neighbor from my hometown. I managed to escape as he began to tell me war stories, as I feared I would miss my train. And the next one. He had such a warm gentle sweet voice and kindly let me grab a hasty snap.

Image below:
This was from a stroll with the ever-lovable Emily Graham… on our second costal walk I was intrigued by the man loading gear into his car.

Hopefully next week Ill post something with more of a story to tell…still looking for something epic OAO x