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17th January 2013

Our lives Ashleigh Ayesha & Shaun

This week I was delighted to join 3 others for a panel discussion at the London Art Fair:

The room was filled to the brim much to everyone’s joy and the talk was fluid, diverse and most of all inspiring. The conversation didn’t just focus on the power of the image but approached the issue of empathy in a wider sense. Talk of morality, vulnerability, access and mental health were all on the agenda and soon enough the hour was gone and much was left to be said and pondered upon.

It was a real honor to be involved and hear how people are reaching out with photography as a tool to help others and themselves.

I’m yearning to abandon this teasing weather. The flirting winter sun in relentless cold Vs the days where morning ceases to exist (headlight weather)…

I’m itching to shoot… and feeling impatience with a lack of inspiration.

No moaning though…chin must be raised and tenacity and patience will hopefully kick in soon.

Here’s another pic from Ashleigh. I only realized recently how quickly Ayesha has grown up…