Handbags and gladrags

11th January 2013

So January feels like it’s kicked off and the world is slowly emerging from hibernation.

This weeks post is another from the last Glasgow trip… influenced by the reminder of a chilly weather. One thing that really struck me when visiting Ashleigh was how affectionate her children were and the simple way in which young children can demonstrate such innocence.

Ayesha turned to me as I took the last sip of my tea around lunch time on the second day and after standing next to me in silence for what seemed like an unusual amount of time, gently touched my arm, leaned in close to me ear and whispered: “I love you”.
It was one of the most adorable moments that happened to me in so long. These sensitive and touching moments are completely insignificant to the young child but nonetheless beautiful.

I ‘ve watched how after a battling few conflicting early years Ayesha and Ashleigh have now firmly bonded. Ashleigh tells me of how she now feels so much closer to Ayesha and it’s clear in how affectionate they are with one another…. every time I see them they look more alike.