Like father, like son

6th March 2015


When out and about it’s always a temptation to shoot from the hip, grab a moment, capture a frame …
This wee snapshot was from a stroll in Ukraine. I ‘ve said before that I believe questioning a shot is essential and often the images I decide not to take outweigh those I do. Contradictorily, when I’m unsure I often throw caution to the wind and press the button to find out. I don’t favour it at all, but when it’s in my hand Ill often shoot more with a digital camera. It offers no punishment (except usual disappointment and slight regret) and it’s often fun to look back on these images, even just as a reminder of the trips

The second image , as I am late (shock horror.) is from the StraightatlkingProject shoot. This little rascal (and his son) were intertwined. Fitting so many parents and their children into a one-day shoot turned out to be surprisingly fluid. The kids were patient and totally game and watching the unique way in which each parent and child bonded was refreshing.



With sleepy eyes OAO x