Rules are rules

28th February 2015


Yup I missed my Thursday deadline so more than one image shall be delivered.I excitedly announced yesterday that the wonderful wyatt-clarke&jones have welcomed me into their family! I have known the team for over 7 years, they’ve seen me grow and I’m looking forward to being part of their clan alongside their inspiring talent.

Soooo this week images are from two very different shoots both from the depths of Eastern Europe. Like a magpie to gold I stumbled across these beautiful relics when exploring an old school in Romania. My eyes glistened when I saw these beauts and after a little bit of below the counter exchange work with the caretaker I loaded a few of these monsters into the van. Shoved into a storeroom to rot forever, I simply couldn’t resist rescuing them. The room was piled with treasure that I am desperately hoping we can use when we return. Alas, my mother didn’t quite share my enthusiasm when she unwrapped the 3 meter cardboard print of a dissected rabbit at Christmas time…cant win ’em all.
This other image is from ions back when Abi and I madly dashed to Ukraine in 2012 on the most intense assignment.

I recall us writing the copy on the plane as we flew back with bags under our eyes and brains of mush. I learnt a lot and Ukraine has always been one I yearn to revisit. This was one of the girls we met when completing a story on families who each had a story of how the Euro 2012 was isolating them and pushing them further into poverty. The assignment encouraged us to meet some wonderful characters with incredibly challenging lives. OAO x