Embedded memories…

12th March 2015


There are some shoots that embed themselves so strongly in my mind and this was one of them.
Mainly because I think I had the most monumental hangover of my life; I was obscenely impatient, groggy and rude (I have shockingly foul mood swings, but I’m working on it…. amongst many other negative traits). But mostly as being photographed by Nelli Moisander was a unique experience. It was surreal to be shot in this state, exchanging the execution and switching roles so rapidly.

Ions ago we were asked to take each other’s portrait for a Swedish magazine. I was introduced not only to a cracking chick but also a rare, mature and unique talent. I’ve remained a fan of Nelli’s stunning black and white portraits and her style never tires on me. What I found most bizarre was how when she took my portrait I never imagined it would look like it did. Her vision was clear, she actually thought in black and white. It takes conscious effort for me to even try and flick that switch in my brain back to when I used to shoot monochrome and I miss how it used to be such a natural way to escape the reality.

600km in 3 days has knocked me sideways so I’m off to bed …noapte bună

OAO xx


OAO xx