Image of the week…large cats and love languages

19th August 2021

A large ball of fur scurried past me as I entered the cosy minimal South London abode. Jo greeted me with a large grin and a lateral flow test.


We dived straight into juicy banter; sharing our thoughts on love languages and personality types. Jo is a behavioural psychologist and was voted the dating expert of the year two years running. She proudly describes herself as the ‘Aldi version of Esther Perel’


It was clear how her down to earth, unpretentious attitude creates a perfect setting to be vulnerable. As I played with ideas she obediently and patiently let me shoot away. I’m fascinated by relationships and often yearn to study psychology again.

Jo made the conversation effortless, and I left feeling like we had very quickly bonded. I liked the way she unapologetically knew herself and how proud she was of her horse sized cat. oao