Image of the week…the power of weather

9th July 2021

Does anyone else feel robbed of a summer. I’m craving the intense blaze of the sun on my face and wail of ice cream vans. Summer was my favourite season on this project in Tipton.

The cracker grass almost crisp white. Front gardens bustling with deck chairs and cold beers. It’s amazing what the sun can do to a place.

When in central Mozambique for the first time I recall finding it oddly stark. Torrential rain had relentlessly plummeted for 5 days straight.  Predictably on the day I was due to leave I woke up to blue skies and a beating sun. As I stepped out of the hotel the streets were literally buzzing with energy. It was as if the entire neighbourhood had been hiding underground waiting for the weather to clear. Stalls selling fresh mangoes and melons lined each corner and the smiling faces and vibrant chatter felt like a caffeine shot. Hmmm I miss that place, I would love to return. oao x