Image of the week…all I’ve got is butter

30th September 2021

I’m sad to say I haven’t shot or made anything recently that I would place in the ‘personal’ folder’.

Projects seem to be painfully crawling at the research stage. 

Despite the desire feeling stronger than ever, my impulse to curiously roam seems blocked. For some reason provoking anxiety rather than joy.

I slowly wandered the streets of Barcelona today with a calm smile; only once slightly lamenting I wasn’t carrying a camera. 

Still, as I walked without any distraction, I felt focussed, relaxed, and present. I imagined my camera was in my bag. It heightens every sense and I simply look at the world in light. 

For someone who can’t even hack 5 minutes on the CALM app without grabbing the hoover I find this the closest thing to meditation.

Here’s another butter pic from the Kerrygold shoot until I get the chance and courage to roam again soon! oao x