Image of the week… I’ve been wrestling the plane blankets

16th June 2023

I’ve been wrestling the plane blankets like a kitten caught in string.

The thin static napkins that always miss one body part exposed to the blasting air con. I’ve stitched together 4 and now look like a red croissant splayed out across a miraculous 3-seater.

I was lucky enough to have a fleeting trip to LA last week and have returned with a thump. It turns out melatonin gummies aren’t as strong as they used to make them.

It’s impossible to ignore the world falling apart again. As COVID seems to normalise a new war ensues, this time brutally unnecessary and inconceivable.

As a student I yearned to be a documentary photographer, following the Magnum gang in awe. I wanted to deliver stories, educate, and empower. However, it soon dawned on me how little I knew (and know) about the world and how this naivety could do more harm than good without guidance.
I still hope that through the power of connection photography can be a way I can help others even if I am far from the front line.

In 2012 @abigailjodiewilson and I took a random trip to Ukraine. We had always wanted to visit and with the support and trust of Hannah Brenchley at @the.independent magazine we found a way to fund our trip. We teamed up with a local charity and our story followed kids who were excluded from the World Cup. We wanted to capture how their reality differed from the many tourists flooding in to watch the action.
We met some incredible families and followed a side story on the power of the Babushka. These women and children were full of warmth, joy, and courage.
I hate reposting images but wanted to share this one again as I will be contributing to @have.a.butchers and @may_print donation. I hope you can support this cause amongst many other no doubt.                                                                                                                                                     











All profits being donated to the British Red Cross, Ukraine Crisis Appeal -
Right…now to stay awake. OAO