Image of the week… That slither of time when the sun sets

16th June 2023

That slither of time when the sun sets, and the murky winter sky drops in.

We unloaded the tools from the van like Mary Poppins; pulling out infinite random items to create our imagined tableau. A ladder, generator, flares, hand-warmers, tripods… it seemed endless

The grass was soaked, and the temperature was dropping just enough to see little dragon puffs of air leave the group from a distance. Bounding with energy Max and Andreas darted back and forth from the van to the tower conscious of the time.

A bellowing curse came from inside the wooden tower.
I peered up to Jan who poked his head from a tiny window like a cartoon character
“The light just broke”
I echoed his profanity.
I decided rather than try and fix it we had to be resourceful, there was no time to waste.

Huddled like penguins the group lit the torches and I scooted about with my tripod to various positions choosing a spot.
Balancing on a plastic step (essential tool) I peered through and bellowed instructions to choreograph the group.

Within minutes the scene was drenched in light. A car pulled in close to us, headlights on full beam and a man rose from his vehicle with a look of concern and authority.
He spoke quickly in German as I did my best to explain the situation dangling a tripod over my shoulder like fresh prey.

We regrouped and managed to calm the concerned local from his fears and accusations that we were anti-hunting protesters on a mission to set fire to the tower. I admit it was a bizarre situation for him witness on his drive home. A group of people all dressed in black like ninjas running around a hunting tower in the forest waving 2-foot flames above their heads. Andreas leaned on the edge of the van window as I sat inside attempting to peel off my wet socks in exchange for some fresh fluffy ones. Hazy eyed he grinned at me and offered me a pre-rolled joint he had been sucking. Without really thinking I retrieved it as if he was handing me a cup of warm tea. I took a few drags, and it wasn’t until I arrived back home in the kitchen, I realized how incredibly stoned I was.

As Bert stirred a vegan concoction, he watched me like car crash reality TV. I giggled profusely and mocked everything Jan said, wobbling around the kitchen mimicking his accent. Apparently, they enjoyed stoned Pannack. It was a fitting end to a very surreal day wandering the forest with a group of enthused and buoyant teenagers.
It was only when I realised, I had a 2 hour zoom meeting that evening that I began to regret being so spontaneous and reverting to my own teen behaviour. OAO x