Chilly birds

19th December 2014

A quick post as it is waaaaay past my bedtime.   Romania as I explained in my last post was a challenge and I’ve decided that my short trips are proving too fleeting and unproductive. Loaded with ample assistance they are a good way to recce and plan future adventures but I think I need to prepare for a longer stint and invest in spending some quality time with the people I meet. I was gutted to discover that a very unkind human being decided to sell me dodgy film from Amazon. After successfully avoiding any X ray machines at the airports during my trip I was shocked and gutted to discover that my film was damaged and fogged (due to X-ray) when I received a call from the lab…. it is salvageable but a great disappointment. However this trip was helpful and I met some incredibly kind people. I am, as always, itching to return but first I need to save some pennies. These birds were friends of a sweet old lady we met on a snowy walk. They were massive birds, and confident too…after all, Romanians eat pigs at Christmas so these boys were safe as houses.   OAO x